Should I ask her out even though I will not see her later?

I met this girl recently in my class and we clicked pretty well. I interact with her almost everyday.

Now I am starting to like her and my intuition and observations indicate that I have a pretty good chance at getting a "yes" if i asked her out.

The only problem is, in less than a month, I will be leaving the states for 4 months so I will not be able to see her for that time period.

Would it right to even start dating now if I know we will not be able to see each other so early on in the relationship?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Just because you ask her out doesn't mean you'll be boyfriend and girlfriend off the bat, its a process. but yes, i say ask her for her number and take her on a date or two. give it a little bit of time and casually you can bring up your trip in conversation. maybe ask her if she likes to travel or what her plans are for the summer and you can bring up your 4 month adventure then. but get to know her now and if things go well, you can keep in touch and facetime/Skype even while you are away. can't gaurantee she won't meet someone else and talk to other people while you are gone but at least you made the contact with her and who knows, if you are a good match maybe you can continue and pick up right where you left off when you return. but if you dont say anything and leave without making that contact then you may have missed out on a great relationship and opportunity - whether it turns out to be friendship or a love match. lol give it a shot.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I say ask her out. Get to know her a bit more. Develop a friendship. If you all do start hanging out a bit more let her know you'll be gone for that long (casually of course). The friendship might be strong enough to survive that long and maybe even grow to something else down the road. Who knows?


What Guys Said 2

  • Going out once or twice with someone does not establish a relationship. If she remains formally unattached by the time you come back you may continue the acquaintance, but if she has made a boyfriend during that time you must find other female friends or else wait for girl one to become unattached. Being male one must be always be prepared for rejection in any case when trying to establish a relationship.

  • Don't ask to be your gf...yet. Go on a date and get her number by this weekend.

    Ask again for next weekend if she says yes then you're in. Talk about your situation and your feelings for her. Thats what i would do