What does it mean when a guy says, he's hesitant relationships?

Like the questionew says, what does it mean?
Is it a line used to get girls? or are they scared of relationships?


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  • It's both.

    It's a line to draw sympathy.

    It also happens to be the truth in many cases.

    • How do you know the difference?

      I mean if they are hesitant, would they tell a girl all about their past, family, and things more on a personal level? Or would they just shut down and not open up right away? Just curious. :)

    • There is no difference. It is both at the same time. It's not one or the other.

      Hesitation is the concern of real value so some people will tell you everything under the sun that you'd think was personal but will hide minor details that mean a lot such as their favorite color or dish.

      Generally speaking if there is difficulty acquiring something generic there's usually something more to the reasoning. People cherish the strangest things and even when they do not cherish themselves will not give those things away so easily.

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