Girls? Has another girl ever kissed you or come on to you not drunk?

this happend to me yesterday and i dont know what to do about it, we are friends kinda.i have known her for about 4-6 months..and she said she liked me.i moved and didint kiss her its awkward.what should i do next time i see her? we have some friends in common?


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  • Nothing. You do nothing. She made a move and you didn't return the same feelings. It's cool just stay normal you guys are friends.
    Maybe if you talk about it just tell her you don't see her that way and that's all.

    • its goint to be awkward as fuck...this sucks ,, we have a lot of friends in common...i guess now i get why she was always around me..I don't know i hope she dosent tell people

    • What is the difference if the move was made by a dude or a girl? It doesn't have to be awkward. Don't be such a child. And who gives a crap about people?

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