What do these things mean in speed dating?

I went to my first singles event where we had to speed date. So, these are the things that happened with me, and if you are an expert in speed dating, please tell me HONESTLY what these things mean:

1) When guys first entered the room to start off with a girl, NO guy sat across me.

2) Guys were looking at me like they were disgusted by me.

3) Majority of the guys did not ask for my contact... so I asked them, and they said "ok."

NOTE: I was dressed elegantly/ sophisticated.


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  • 1- I never went to a speed dating event (have been 3 or 4 times) where they didn't assign you where to start.

    2- I never went to an event where people were rude enough to show their reactions. OK, in honesty I didn't pay much attention to what the other guys were doing so some may have been dicks. The girls I could tell were not interested in me usually kept their arms folded the whole time and talked very tersely. But no one looked disgusted.

    3- So some of the guys asked? That isn't bad; I usually asked maybe 2 or 3 girls out of 12-15 participants. Some I got but never bothered contacting.


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