Is dating/approaching women easier in America?

I'm from England and I've always wondered if dating is easier in America. It just seems so much easier to get a girl's number over there and they seem much more open to dating and even casual sex. Not that American girls are a bunch of sluts or anything lol. You see guys approaching girls and securing a date or multiple dates like it's nothing.
But over here in England it seems like a different ball game. It's like women here are much more shy or something. Most are not very receptive. Most of the time approaching a girl here just seems super awkward (could be just me). Maybe I've just been watching too much TV and it's not that simple.

Your thoughts on this?


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  • God no, are you kidding? America is a cesspool of entitled and picky women who feel that they deserve what they see on television and social media. Granted, it's not every woman in America but it sure goes for a lot of them. Advantage for you is that you have an accent, but you sure better be able to shell out the necessary cash in order to keep someone interested.

    • lol Thanks I'll take note of that

    • Yeah, as an American, I have to say this is spot-on.

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  • It would be easier for you because we thing British Accents are sexy

  • No. Dating isn't glamorous here. You must be watching to many glorified movies from America.

  • They love UK accents, so why not easier? you're a different product than their men there.

  • An ex of my friend is now living there. And he told her that if a women sees how succesfull you are and how much money you earn that girls are reaaally easy. I'm sure not all girls are like this there tho'. But i've heard that there are a lot of golddiggers lol

    • hmm I can see how that can be true lol

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