If you're just sleeping with a guy/woman. How long before they start to have feelings for you? Would like to know ladies and gentlemen?

Ladies let's say that a woman starts having sex with a guy friend. The guy friend has feelings for her. How long before the woman starts to have real feelings for the guy?

Gentlemen let's say a man starts sleeping with a woman friend. The woman starts to have feelings for the man. How long will it take the man. To start having real feelings for her?


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  • There is no set time when this thing starts to happen, if even at all. People are all different, they behave and react differently, and we can't sit here and answer this how you want because it's just not possible.

    So the same answer applies here that would answer like half the questions on GAG: it all depends on the person and situation.

    • No i was just wondering in general. I am happy to say that I am not in that spot and don't want to be in that spot.

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  • Actually, I slept with some girls I never developed feelings for, except kindness.
    Other girls I developed feelings for without ever sleeping with them.

    IMHO it's often best to wait for mutual feelings to develop and then sleep together, if you're looking for a romantic relationship.
    If you're both looking for sexy fun, feelings COULD come but that's not guaranteed.


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