Latinas: What's your thoughts on Caribbean Men?

I'm A Jamaican New yorker and I also have thing for hispanic females. Most of the time when I go out in public, most of the latinas stick with own. However I conversed
with a good amount of Puerto rican and Dominican women especially the one I have a crush on and told that were currently dating a Jamaican guy. Some of the Dominican women thought that were sweet and pleasant. Since I'm Jamaican born and raised in New York, am I at a disadvantage in dating the most attractive hispanic women.

So Latina females, whats your thoughts on Caribbean guys? I would love fro you to share a feedback :)

  • I'm a Latina and open to all races
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  • I prefer my own, Thanks!
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  • I'm a Latinas and I think Jamaicans and Carribean men are sweet.
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  • Its a matter of persoanality
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  • Omg stop with these questions please.

  • I think I know who you are. You been posting about trying to get a Latina.


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