We didn't talk today, does this happen to you too?

This guy I am actually just friends with- we have expressed feelings and definitely attraction. We text every single day. For like a year now!
It's only been a few times we haven't been in contact for a day at a time. But it's been a while.

It feels so weird. I got weird vibes from him last night, and he didn't reply to what I sent him and so I figured the ball is in his court.
I figured if I messaged him again today I'd be bugging him or be ignored again like I was at the end of last night, and it would hurt me more.

Does this happen to you, if you are in this sort of "relationship" with someone, where you are in contact every single day? I worry I won't hear from him for a while... I'm almost afraid to text him. There's been a couple times where I myself fell silent for a couple days, just dealing with some mental stuff and I did let him know. But ever since those times, he's been a little bold with ignoring me.


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  • I think it's important to realize that people have lives and other things to tend to. Just because he doesn't message you for one day, that does not mean he is ignoring you.Its probable he has other obligations. I think it would be helpful to get your emotions in check. Its like, you guys are even dating and you're getting worked up about nothing really...just saying. Sounds like unnecessary frustration. Good luck.

    • This is true but after a year of every single day all day communication it is different for us

    • It might be "different" for the two of you, but that's a good thing in my opinion. People have things to do. Its nothing to get alarmed over.