What does this mean when a guy says this?

Just registered for an onlinedating thing recently. I messaged this guy and he was asking me how my experience is...im like its alright. He responds: well I hope it brings you someone decent

is this his way of rejecting me wtf...do I even reply to that?


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  • sounds to me like he is waving his white flag at you. like he is telling you to move on to the next guy because you are more experience than him.

    at least thats how i see it

    • well I told him ya you too and then it would be nice to continue talking to you. and he said talk away but i have to go to bed soon so I won't be able to call you all I said was "haha call, woah slow down" and then he goes "ok tc" and blocks me wtf. I got a new account to contact him but I unno.

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    • yea your right! its funny bc all the dudes that say they don't wanna play games are turning out to be the jerks!

    • yea. just remember that not everything that glitters is gold. and not everybody that has a funny and friendly personality is a "good person at heart". i had to learn that the hard way throughout my life

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  • I don't understand the question "how is your experience?"

    I don't understand what your response means, or what his response to your response means either.

    Can you elaborate on his first question, and what your answer means?

    • in terms of experience on the website not dating in general

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    • well, since he's blocked you twice, best to leave it alone.

    • yeah I've learned to go with my instincts.

  • ya it sounds like a woman with sexual experience is a turn off for him as something he wants in a woman he plans to keep. there is probably no sense in you replying he has already decided


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