Guys, You like a girl but then you disappear on her?

You meet a girl, she has everything you wanted, but she turns clingy and needy. You decided it's best to slowly back away and hope she'll leave you alone since her neediness is getting on your nerves.
Days go by, and she still leaves you messages wondering where are you and that she misses you.
Then she tells you that if you don't like her, to just tell her flat out.
Would you have the guts to tell her you no longer have feelings for her?
Or you keep on ignoring her?


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  • If I liked her, I would be straight up and tell her to give me a little space.
    If I didn't I'd break it off quick and not lead her on


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What Guys Said 3

  • lol keep ignoring until she cools down. she's gunna keep asking and asking til u crack and if u answer, ur in her game. wait til she finally lets go of ya and then make a gut call. if she ain't for ya, make up a believable excuse. if you think ehh, why not? then tell her you've got stuff on your plate and you can't afford to rush things.

  • If a guy doesn't like needy, he didn't like the girl.

  • I like clingy and needy girls because it makes me feel wanted and desired.


What Girls Said 1

  • If someone seems 'needy' to you, then you dont like them.

    Needy is a euphemism for :

    We dont click. I may pay you attention sometimes on my terms bc you liking me makes me feel good about me, but anything you do towards me is going to feel like 'too much'.

    To maintain attention and not admit to the obvious fact that i dont like you and im a shit for encouraging your interest in me, ill just blame my frustration on your behavior problem.

    In realty i should just be hones with you so you can move on, bc obviously if who you naturally are, is not god for me , then i am not good for you and we are not good for each other.

    QA i would say as well, if you feel clingy around someone, then they are not right for you if someone appreciates you you are not going to feel needy. bc they will reciprocate.

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