Where are good places to kiss or make out?

Where are good places to kiss or make out? I usually do it at a park with my boyfriend where there isn't much people, or we're sure they are kind far away. And we don't do it infront of kids. But we've done it a couple of times on the street close to my house but it feels awkward when people walk past or cars drive past.
I actually wish to do it in my room but is that taking it a bit too far? And I haven't told my parents that I have a boyfriend yet, and it'll probably look suspicious.

And I'm not really sure what making out is and how far it goes.
Would it be strange if I asked my boyfriend that I want to make out with him? We've only been on 7 dates. Do you think he would he think differently of me?


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  • I would recommend telling your parents that you have a boyfriend first. They should not find it a big deal. I don't think it's weird at all to make out in your room. It offers you both some more privacy and freedom. If he lives alone, you could meet at his place, knowing that you two will be private.

    It would not be strange telling your boyfriend that you want to make out with him. If anything, he'll feel the exact same way about you. I guarantee you that he will not think any different of you. 7 dates is more than enough to want to passionately kiss someone.

    Hope this helps!

    • I want to tell my parents before my birthday, which is 5 days away. But am finding it hard to tell them, as he is also my first boyfriend and I'm worried about what they'll think.

      I would like to at his place as his room is separate from his house. And he said that people often go to his place to use the machines there for making thins. I hope he feels the same way. He was also mentioned that he wanted to kiss me before I had wanted to so I was wondering if he feels the same way.

      Thank you for your help and advice :)

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  • If one of you live alone their house would be a option your room would be another one you could "park your car" in a dark street at night away from prying eyes um school yard a park or field I don't know now I am just saying what ever pops into my head better stop now.


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