Should I text him or leave it alone?

Recently I made a really good friend at my job. We have been texting talking about our feelings and stuff but it is nothing more than best friends. Anyways he has told me some very personal things which I wouldn't go back and discuss with others. Well when I arrived to work on Saturday I got talked to about some BS. My manager (who I believe doesn't like me) told me my name always is the root of the drama at the workplace. I thought it was so weird, but I took it like a woman. Well she sent me home early that day and not even minutes after I left he texted me asking was I telling people his business. I asked him why would he think that and he responded his name keeps getting dropped and he wanted to know what he was saying or doing that is wrong. I wasn't sure what he meant and he didn't either I guess. I apologized to him if he was feeling like something was wrong, and he said don't worry about it. Now since this conversation he hasn't texted me like he usually does and I'm wondering should I text him or let him text me? we are supposed to be best friends..


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  • I think you should text him. You are friends so why wouldn't you, right? :)


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