Why do guys stare at you, does this guy like me?

What does it mean when a guy keep staring at you for more than 10secs and often.

Also it's not a stalker type stare more of a gaze.

He works at my local cafe

We have spoke a few times

Where both late teens

Even when he's serving somone or talking to someone else or making drinks, he still stares.


I sometimes stare back but it's a bit weird as he's workmates are always around.

Also none of his other workmates are like this, and he doesn't stare at other girls.

He talks to other girls but seems different around me.

He did say once I was a very polite person I was a bit shocked to just said thanks.

I know he's single and do like him.

Also I only know he's staring because I look up from my drink and he'll be staring right at me.

No one else will be sat near/around me so he can only be staring at me

I look him up on Facebook the other day and he posted this do you think this means anything.

You don't need to say anything, I'm not giving up on you.


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  • Well you need to be friends with him to know that guy better and his interests. Your query cannot be decoded here my dear..

  • It seems he likes you, but is shy..


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