Should I let a guy know when it feels like a guy is not being open emotionally or I feel he's trying to keep a distance emotionally?

Or do I just need more patience? I don't want to ruin a potentially good thing but I am becoming increasingly frustrated at the distance I feel between us emotionally. I just feel like I can't get any closer to him because he seem so hae a wall up if that makes sense?


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  • Yes its always good to have an open understanding of what each other expects, because without this, you end up drifting apart without actually knowing each other at all, x

  • HAHA, my ex girlfriend was like that. I would ask him in a controlled matter and then see what he says. After you ask him ONCE leave it alone..Most likely it could be a bad experience or he is not that type of guy to just shout out his emotions.

    • So why were you kinda closed off emotionally? Were you afraid of getting too close?

    • I was not closed off. My ex girlfriend was. She had bad experiences with guys in the past, so I had to break down her walls. And I did eventually. She saw that I was genuine and eventually she told me all her experiences and deepest secrets. She was insecure at times and so for her opening up emotionally also opened up an opportunity for her to be hurt again. IF you don't open up you can't be hurt. She left me for another guy. =)

    • He may just be a quiet guy. There could be many reasons why he is not opening up. I do not know where you are in your relationship with this guy, so it is hard to say. My best advice is to be patient and communicate how you are feeling.. However, when you communicate do not do it in an emotional way..try to be cool and relaxed about it. Do not be pushy. good luck

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