Would you or have you ever dated someone with a physical disability?

I recently met this guy on a dating site and we talked on the phone every day and texted each other all day long. He is funny, sweet, caring and everything I want in a guy. So we decided to meet up at a restaurant a few days ago. When I first saw him I was a little caught off guard because he had a really bad limp and I was not expecting that at all. I think he didn't tell me because he was afraid I would not have shown up. We talked for hours and I realized what a great guy he really is but it is hard to get past the disability because people stare and it does hurt my feelings a little cause it makes me think that he is just a person too and they need to mind their own damn business. He also does have epilepsy so he is not allowed to have a driver's license or car and he had to have someone drop him off for our date and then pick him back up. I hung out with him again yesterday and we went to the park to walk around and people just kept staring and whispering and it was making me really uncomfortable but yet made me feel bad for him. He ignored it and I know that I shouldn't care what other people think and I'm am trying my hardest to get past it. What should I do? I like him but at the same time it's something that is bothering me. I don't want to be thought of as that shallow person who wouldn't date someone just for that reason.


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  • My ex only had one arm.
    I think the problem for you is that it's something he's completely used to, and something you're not. He's lived with this for forever (or however long) and it's just the way it is for him. He's used to it. He's probably used to people staring, and the truth is - they're probably not staring all as much as you think they are. You're just more aware of it and assuming the worst, when people might not actually be looking your way or paying attention at all.

    Really something like that doesn't stop anything about you as a couple. You can still do most the same things other couples do. And so what if he can't drive? I'm sure there are plenty of things the two of you can do without that being necessary. And really. You driving shouldn't beat problem.

    My point is. They may seem like massive issues now, but like every relationship, they're just little kinks you work out with how it will work between the two of you. And I think you need to give a bit of time to these things, as you would with any relationship, before you decide if they're something you can't deal with.

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