Realistically, do you think he's going to regret letting me go?

My ex and I broke up just over a month ago. Basically we weren't as connected as we used to be, I'd been working a lot and we hadn't been able to spend much quality time together. We lived together but I'd be working weekends and late nights and when I got home, he was pretty much ready for bed.
Anyway so we weren't connecting as much so he decided he didn't want to be with me anymore and he was too scared to try and make it work because he just didn't want to mess me around because he didn't think we could get back what we had. When I ask him if he would want that back, he said he would love it as it was the most important relationship of his life. So I don't know why you wouldn't want to try and save that?
I guess other things contributed to the break up too. We lived together after only 5 months of being together and our relationship was probably one of a couple 5 years older. He's only 21 and I'm 23. We both agreed that we probably did this to ourselves by moving ridiculously fast, but it was what felt right at the time.
The only thing I want to take from this is that he doesn't want to be with me but he's said so many contradictory things.
He says that he wakes up in the night and wishes I was there, he admits he has forced himself to move on, he needs to not speak to me because it reminds him of everything he gave up and he almost had to write a letter to tell him why not get back together with me for the moments when he's feeling weak and wants to call me or text or wants me back.
Because of all this confusion I've been demanding a lot of answers from him, but we just kept going round and round in circles and I've not been left any clearer.
It's clear he says he does't want to be with me but with all these other things he's saying I'm just confused.
The past month we've been broken up we've not had much space from each other, he's had to get his stuff from my apartment and we've texted a lot and had long phone calls.
Where do I go from here?


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  • Well, no.

    Life goes on, no designation, no destination, just living.

    • Thanks, but can I ask your reason for thinking this so I can understand better?

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    • The sarcasm.

    • No sarcasm here. Honest.

  • My feeling is he'll realize in a few years that you were the girl he should never have walked away from. But don't make the mistake of waiting around for him to grow up. Some never do.

    • Thanks, I can't wait for him, I can't torture myself like that!

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