Have you ever stopped talking to a guy or girl because you were waiting for them to text you first?

A guy friend and I haven't messaged in days. And we text EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. For a very long time now. It's like a ritual.
But he left me hanging so I just felt the ball was in his court... And I've not heard a peep from him.

Don't know if I should message him first or wait for him to message me.

I have to wonder if this will go on forever and we will never speak again! We don't run into eachother.

Has this ever happened to you? What happened in the end?


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  • As a guy I have deliberately dropped texts with girls if I was always texting her first as a way to check for mutual interest. I've found random issues with girls from this.

    Most of the time, they drop off the fact of the earth and I think "good riddance" as I have dodged another self-entitled girl who expects me to find her interesting.

    Other times I have found girls would "text when bored." These girls are annoying as I've even had one texting me anywhere from afternoons to super late at night. It gets annoying too because sometimes I'd respond and she'd go back to disappearing.

    I prefer to stick with phone calls as they get rid of all the confusion but even now, girls seem to not like phone conversations.


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  • Do the mature thing and just text him already!

    • It feels awkward now! I have messaged him in the past when this has happened. But can't help but wonder if he doesn't want to talk since he left me hanging!

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    • Huh?

    • Find another texting buddy?

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  • I have in the past, but now i'm so over that. Hear me loud and clear that texting rules/etiquette regarding who contacts who first is total complete bullshit. This highlights my opinion perfectly www.google.com/url

  • I just had to do the same thing! This guy was so waiting on me so often to initiate everything, I felt as if he didn't like me, so I let it go.

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