He didn't seem so attentive lately, so I blocked him.

There was a guy and we used to chat a lot. Long story short, he started acting lately like I always had to start the conversation. I put it with it for like a month or two off and on but then decided just to block him.

Because I figured since he didn't seem so into it, better for me to let it go and put him out of my mind/heart.

So do you guys get upset if a female blocks you? Especially if there was no fight before she did it?

I don't expect to hear from him at all, and that's fine. Just curious to hear guys thoughts on it. Thank you :)

Mind you, he had two FB accounts. I blocked BOTH of them, lol.


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  • Alpha move. Respect. He probably would care a bit.

    • Thanks, it's just I can't continue feeling like I'm a spare tire. If he doesn't value my friendship enough, oh well, someone else will. I really liked him so much though :(

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  • I do it. Totally legit. Love your life.