Whats the deal with out of country texting?

say i wanted to start texting this guy in Europe but i live in the US.. even with unlimited texting would it cost more money? or is there no effect of it? I've never thought about it before and it would make talking to this guy a lot easier hahah

because dont phone calls from out of the country cost more? would texting be any different?


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  • It depends on your service provider and your plan. I have unlimited texting and I frequently text from Canada to Russia (or many other countries) for free.

    Not sure? Visit your provider's website and look up your plan or "International SMS" rates.


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  • If you dont have an international data plan, your phone bill will be crazy expensive! Just bacause you have unlimited, doeant mean you have international. This guy and yourself should download this app called viber. It os free and you can text, send pics and videos, and make calls for free anywhere in the world. It runs offof your internet package, so if you have wifi at home and want to talk to said guy, turn on your wifi to save your data plan:)
    My mom is overseas about 8 months out of the year, and this is how i contact her when she's in africa and costa rica. The only downfall is the phone calls. It sounds like you're talkibg in a tin can, and there is a bit of a lag, but it sure beats a $500 phone bill!

    • haha true, but i dont have a smart phone so i wouldn't be able to download the app :/

    • Do you have a tablet or anything like that? Im pretty sure viber works for those as well

    • no i dont.. my mom has an ipad but its for work use only