Why do people say you are a great girl to have but then never take the chance to have you as their great girl to have?

I always get told by guys your a great girl to have, they be lucky to have you, id be jealous of any guy you date but never try to be that guy. why?


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  • Probably for the same reason that girls say "you're such a great guy. Any girl would be lucky to have you" except none of those girls want to be that lucky girl. It's all lip service. Bullshit to soften the blow of "I don't feel a damn thing for you but don't want to hurt your feelings by saying it so I'll give you this cliche lie".


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  • Some girls you feel they are nice and pure, and you don't want to use them, so you let them go softly.

    Has this actually happened to you, or have you been watching romantic movies?

  • Probably afraid cuz of being insecure. They think you are out of their league. I would have you as my girl if you are really great lol ;) (and cute) lol


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