Is he just not that into me what is his problem?

I have been dating this guy for 3months. I feel he is getting over me. At first his reasons for not committing yet seemed legit like he wants to really get to know someone first, bla bla but now they are sounding like excuses. He has started to become a bit hot and cold. I have not met his friends. It just seems like maybe he is keeping me on a string. Lately he seems to not care that it is upsetting me that we are not in a relationship now. Some people may say you can't force someone and don't be pushy but he makes me act like im in a relationship so to me I jsut feel he is having his cake and eatin it too so why can't I have a title. It feels like you are forcing me to go out with you (I am thinking didn't realise I am forcing you and so sorry that I am good enough to do stuff with but not to be your gf). How do you know if a guy is serious about you or if he is just not that into you or maybe there are other girls?


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  • You should be talking to him, not strangers on the internet.


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  • Hey I'm sorry to hear you're going through that. It must be really frustrating to be with someone like that. I feel like he's basically keeping you on a string but isn't willing to move forward which isn't fair to you since all you want is a relationship. You should just confront him one last time asking him what you are to him and if he continues to make excuses leave him. You deserve someone better.