Do she want me to pursue her or give up?

I knew her before and we definitely flirted and got along quite well. Then I didn't see her for a while, but recently I ran into her and she after some conversation she told me to call her. And indeed I did, I asked her if she was free for lunch and she said yes, but her schedule was not very consistent and she said she'd call me when she was free. I received no reply. Then about a week later I received a facebook message from her. She claimed that she forgot to store my number in her phone and that I should text her or something. So I did (I asked her if she was free over the weekend at all), and zero response has been received.

So what in the hell is going on?

My feeling is that she wants to be hardcore pursued and is literally forcing my hand to put in the effort or either give the f*** up.

Am I right in thinking this or am I just being naive and in denial?

Oh wow. So we began texting (which she re-initiated) she said she would be free after 5. So I called her and long story short she isn't answering her phone nor responding to any texts (and I wasn't excessive with any of it btw).


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  • youre freaking out man just relax and give her time .

    if she doesn't respond to your text just send her a message on facebook saying you never got a response and ask her out on there

    • I listened to your advice and didn't do sh*t. She just started texting me again and we're going out soon. yayyyyy

    • Thats great man, good luck!

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  • I think she has probably read one of those awful e-books which suggests ignoring a man to get him to do all the work. The fact is no-one likes to be ignored, as it is rude and immature behaviour. Whether she forgot to store your number or not you both know each other on Facebook anyway, so there is no real excuse. I know men like the chase, but it wears off if you have to chase her too much.

    Try to stick to the facts - twice you have contacted her on her advice, and twice she has blown you out. Think of what it will be like when the actual relationship begin - will she be like this always? I would say just keep cool for a while and see what happens.

    If she messages you again, just say that you are really busy and you will get back to her. Then make contact one final time, and if she blows you out again, just forget her. It's unfortunate but it seems as if she wants to have a 'who likes each other the most' test. A relationship should be about equality - if she feels that you like her more than she likes you she could use this against you in the future.

    i do think she does like you, otherwise I can't see why she messaged you, but it is rude not to reply or ring back when you call. it's like she is trying to 'psyche' you out. my advice: proceed if you wish but take it slow...

  • I agree with "funkymunky57" that she probably likes you, since she's suggested twice that you ask her out...but I think this girl has been really rude to you, to be honest. If you really like her I think one more casual text or Facebook message would be fine (i.e. wouldn't seem desperate)...something clearly putting the ball in her court, like "hey, it was good to see you the other day...lemme know when's good for you to get a drink or something..."

    ...good luck!


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