Does she want a second date/go out again?

I took this girl out recently on a date, I was honestly a little shy because she was very pretty and I'll be honest, I was a bit nervous. I thought I had blown it and that I wouldn't see her again but before we each left she told me that she's always in the area and to text her to hang out again.

Girls, was she saying this to be nice or do you think she's genuinely interested? If you weren't interested in a guy is that something you would say?


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  • Hope you didn't screw up..
    In normal circumstances, you call a girl out on 1st and 2nd date, probably after 3rd/4th dates she would be more wanting to see you, therefore she would be initiating contact with you more.
    If this was your first date, and you blew it off, she would be giving you much excuses next time you ask her out.
    So, best of luck!


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