Was my employer trying to set me up with a worker in the building?

I'm volunteering at a place at the moment. To get a reference and training for my cv but also work experience. Today was my employers birthday.

So as I arrived I went upstairs and he said let's go down we having a little party. I didn't know it was his birthday until today. As we go in there's pizza, drinks , cake etc. An this other volunteer ( a girl) me and my employer.

The guy whose office the party was in works downstairs. I've seen him once and it was bit awkward as we not been introduced. Today we was, and my employer kept putting me on the spot. What do you think of him, I said I don't know him.

He said but now you can get to know him. I said don't put me on the spot. I was blushing and feeling awkward. The guy kept talking to me and offered me cake. My employer even said infront of everyone I told him I could drop him to work.

An the guy apparently tells my employer he has a girlfriend but he's lying and its imaginary as no-one has saw her. We all laughed. An then he said don't worry shannon he hasn't got a girlfriend, don't get upset.

An then the guy 'dennis' said why would she be upset. Its like they was testing to see if I'm interested in him. He seems nice, but I don't know. He did say so I will be seeing a lot of you in the future, so we can say hi instead of it being awkward. An my employer was like did you hear what he said he will be seeing lots of you in the future. It was a bit cringe being in his office.

Then I got called out the room by a woman as the guy wanted to see me. It was to sign the employers birthday card. I was all jittery :/. Then my employer said what happened, I said its something for you. He said ah he's not taking opportunities is he. What did he mean lol. With me?


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  • you got to be straight forward and tell them that they are making you feel awkward and explain why. if he doesn't get it, you can speak to someone in the human resources department. human resources is their to help take care of a situation like this. a strong individual will stick up for them selves and they will respect you 4 that.


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  • Do you remember that discussion we had about guys who are jerks? About how guys would push you around to get their way and showed little concern about your feelings? With that discussion in mind, read again what you wrote in this Question. Notice that you presented yourself as reactive, submissive, and acquiescing. That behavior makes you a target for jerky behavior and unwanted match-making, which are both controlling (albeit in different ways). You need to tell your employer, with a stern and non-submissive voice, that he needs to stop trying to play match-maker and that you will date the men you want ON YOUR TERMS.


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