Should I write him first or wait till he contacts me?

6 months relationship. We had an awkward text discussion -no insulting or bad words-he is away now in another country for some time. It has been a week now and no text. I want to give him space to think. We did not break up. He just did not say anything.

Should I say 'hi' or wait?
If he does not appear in 2 weeks do I assume it s over?


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  • Well, it really depends on that 'text discussion' you had, you say it was not like insulting or bad words. You more than anyone should know where you're standing with this guy and if you can text him a 'hi' or not. If it has been 1 week and he hasn't text you it could be different reasons, maybe he thinks you are mad at him for the discussion and he might be afraid to contact you because maybe your reaction won't be favorable. Or maybe he just don't want to talk to you (sorry) but it can be the reason why. Or maybe his phone service is not working in the country he is in. but He has your number right? so if he wanted to contact you he would have done it already.

    But if you feel like it is ok to send him a little 'Hi' text go ahead and see how he reacts, of he reply something positive, YAY!! great for you! But if he don't reply or says something not so good to you, then I would say it's time to move on and continue with your life.

    Hope for the best!!


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