Why do I want him when he's far, and want to be alone when he gets close?

I like him so much. For a while I loved our lengthy chats. We live a bit far from eachother so we don't see eachother much at all but can chat for hours.

When he's not in touch, I miss him so much. I get very depressed.

Then when he starts getting close again and we are talking a lot, I begin to really miss my alone time and freedom and feel he is taking my focus away from my own life. The reality is, my life is dull and he's not taking me away from anything, but I always wonder what I may happen upon if it weren't for him.

I find this so confusing. We have hardly talked in the past week and I wonder if we are both just unsure of the other's interest. Now we are being more chatty again and I feel like I do not want it to go into the night. Even though a lot of times my nights are lonely!

I find this so confusing. Is it because he's far away, is it because I'm not ready to date, what is it? Because I DO like him so very very much.

Can anyone relate?


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  • See a psychiatrist...maybe get him to come with you in a couple's therapy session. Not that expensive if covered mostly by your insurance and it could be well worth it.


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