Why do you want a relationship right now?

I was asking myself that earlier and I really didn't know. I like girls and everything, but I don't even know what happens in a relationship having never been in one myself. It is not that I love being single, but because I am comfortable and it is really all I know

I know that some of you are happily in relationships or dating. Others are frustrated at picking terrible relationships or even never being in a relationship at all.

What motivates you to want a romantic relationship? Maybe I can identify with one or more answers


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  • Well I have been single for a long time (4 years i think) by choice I wanted to focus on school and getting a boyfriend at age 16-17 just wasn't for me. However, now I am ready because I actually have the time and lust to have a boyfriend. I guess I just want that one crazy person that is just as weird as I am.

    • I am also like this. I now have the time to be in a relationship, but after all hat hard work to get to this place I don't know if I really want one anymore. Could be a fear of success or rejection. I really don't know

    • I know right. Me too. I don't know either what it is. I want a relationship but it really really has to be someone special. I think it is because we maybe have seen how much we actually can do alone. Also it can be the fear for finding someone and getting hurt, rejection also as you say. However I must admit when I love I love so i just don't want a little fling. It has to be it.

    • Agreed :)

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  • I knew I was ready for a relationship again when I found myself missing the emotional connection that goes with it. It's one thing to miss having cute texts and a cuddle buddy, but something entirely different to miss sharing your life with someone. I love having someone who knows everything that's going on with me now and someone who knows my past. It's really the best feeling in the world to have someone who understands you almost better than you understand yourself.

  • I miss the emotional, close connection that comes with being in a relationship. I'm fine being single, I hang out with my friends and do stuff with my family without having to worry about going on dats, but sometimes I miss the dates and holding hands and REALLY liking someone and the cuddles, of course.

  • I want sex and passion

    I want a special connection emotionally

  • I want to be loved and to love someone. I want that physical closeness, being accepted the way you are. I want that moment when you look into someone's eyes and the earth stops turning.

    • Have you felt that before?

    • only the physical closeness, not the other things

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