I'm 18 and have thought a lot about online dating, thoughts?

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I'm 18, about to graduate from high school, and I've been contemplating online dating. I live in such a small area that everyone I come in contact with is pretty much someone I've known my entire life and no one ever seems to see me as "girlfriend material." I think online dating would be a really good option to try to put myself out there because even if I do come into contact with someone new, I'm too shy in person to talk to them for fear of rejection.

The only thing I'm afraid of with it is that I am still in high school right now, though I am 18. And I don't think my parents would approve of me online dating at this age, I can see them accepting it more in my 20s but not right now. I'm going to college, but I'm not moving away, we live pretty close to the college I'm going to and I made the decision not to move out and live on campus or get an apartment, housing, utilities, food, and laundry will cost too much for me and my parents have said that as long as I'm in school and maintain a part time job I can stay. It will just be easier that way. I don't know if I'll meet anyone at school, I've heard stories of college boys being crazy and honestly I'm kind of relaxed and totally NOT a party girl, so I don't think anyone would be interested in me in college. I'm not sure what I would tell my parents if I met someone online.

What should I do? Should I just not do it? Am I too young? Should I wait until next fall when I'm in college? Advice?


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  • I have been doing online dating for about a month and a half now and it has worked out very well. It is very difficult for a woman online. But I still think it is the best way to meet someone right for you these days. The problem for women is that (my sister gave me this stat) around 75% of the guys are married or just looking to screw. The profiles I have read, and the women I have talked with, are just horrible. But there are guys like me that are true gentlemen out there if you are patient. But you can't be afraid to make the first move. You can't be afraid to reply and ask a lot of questions. Don't be super negative. I have seen profiles that all they say is "if you are any of these don't bother..." and I actually went out with on of those women. but she was a little crazy so I don't bother with that anymore. Be very cautious. Meet the guy if you can for at least the first 3 dates no matter how nice he seems.
    The woman I just met on Tinder, who I am just crazy about, is finally letting me pick her up at her house and it will be our 4th date tonight. I told her that I completely understand, as she had some nightmares to tell. The right woman is worth waiting for. All I can do is treat her like a lady, show her I am a gentleman and not like those other asses our there, and hope we get along. So far it is a perfect fit.


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  • Good luck with the 75 emails/day from creeps looking for a fck buddy.

    • Not really advice...but thanks!

    • It was indirect advice.
      Dating sites, or at least any free one, is full of pervs looking to get laid. I'd know, I used to be one of them lol
      Steer clear of dating sites for now. You're 18, you don't need a boyfriend. Enjoy life with obligations to someone. You have the rest of your life to be tied down. Who knows? Maybe you'll meet someone in college.
      Don't worry =]

  • Online dating is a huge waste of time. You'll eventually end up looking in your home town anyway.


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  • It's worth a shot. I have trouble meeting guys for various reasons. Turns out I've found a really great guy. You never know what could happen, but you have nothing to lose.