Would you date someone for the sake of just dating?

You enjoy their attention and you sort of like them but they live an hour away. Distance is the problem. Would you continue to see where it will go or nip it at the bud? (so no one will get hurt.)


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  • not really :p i`m the kinda guy that wants to form a strong bond with other half. Dating just for the sake of it is - let`s say - against my morale principles. But in ur case why do you think that "not so long distance" relationship might not work? if the only thing that bothers you is 1h (it is NOT a lot tbh) give it a try. I wouldn`t call it "just for the sake of dating" just because of that one reason. If u like her go for it. In every relationship u have to give something from urself to receive something in return. If u don`t want to sacrifice that 1h (well 2, since u gotta go back), u might miss your chance for love (who knows? mby it`ll develop into sth more than just a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship if u give it a try)


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  • I would, sure. Going out with a girl makes you more attractive to other girls, for some reason.