What do I do? Do I plan date 4 like he asked?

The guy I'm currently dating (been on three dates) told me it's my turn to plan the next date. I haven't really acted on it and before he was trying to see me as soon as possible. He hasn't asked me out. Am I supposed to plan date 4 or should I tell him that I like the guy to plan and initiate dates because I'm old fashioned


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  • Be old fashioned and get another guy? Really?
    If you like this guy but want to change him? Makes sense? No
    Even done something uncomfortable, then felt the exhilaration? Time to do that.

    How to plan #4:
    > Something has to cater to his interests to make him smile & remember the date as having at least ONE positive attribute.
    > Now the rest of this date can be as many of your favorite things to see, visit, do, eat, etc. ... which IS the point of this homework.
    > Matters not who pays or gets split "Dutch style" but its best if you attempt to pay but not more than what's he's laid out previously. He doesn't want to be thinking he has to up the date cost ante.
    > If not sure IF he'll like something, be sure it can be cut short and move on the the next venue... e.g. the opera is very long and may be awkward in leaving early.


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  • He told you it's your turn to plan the date.
    If you don't plan it, there won't be one.

    So, old fashioned or not, do you want to see this guy again? If so, you know what you have to do.


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  • Be confident and plan something :) guys like confident woman!
    by the way 5 dates do you think that going on 5 dates is getting serious?

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