5 dates and he's not sure how he feels?

I've had 5 awesome dates with a guy who is very guarded. He says he likes spending time together but is unsure about how he feels and doesn't want to rush although we have had sleep overs ( He has 2 small young girls.. who I have never met although he has them every 2nd week for 7 days) and says he's dated some crazy women so being cautious. He does also say "I turn him to jelly" ( what ever that means!) what do you think? keep plodding along or call it quits? I do quite like him but I feel he's not letting me in.


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  • It's only 5 dates, why not keep going?

  • He's done nothing wrong, he's a father who cares about his two kids.. and you think that's a dumpable offence.

    When you're desperate alone and in your 40's, you will want to come back in time and punch present day you in the face for being an idiot.


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