Why would you let a girl you are close to's *interesting* text go well into the next day, or ignore it?

I'm so hurt. We talk all the time. Then randomly he does this. It makes me feel so foolish. It warrants a response if it's not a question and even sometimes questions get ignored.

Why would a guy do this? He's told me he's interested in me and has blown up my phone plenty of times. I get ignored now.

Like I never know when it's ok to text him because I feel like I'll just get burned and be ignored. What should I do even when he comes around? I feel silly ignoring him. Get my heart stomped on.

Even just as FRIENDS, it's like he's being a lousy friend...


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  • He might be playing games. By which I mean League of Legends. If he's ignoring you, then he's found something that is more interesting. Text other people if he's ignoring you. Invest in other friends, so that it won't hurt as much when this one friend can't or won't respond.


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