Why do we need mind games? Why do some people act this way?

Do you play games? And if so, why? What are the main reasons for this beehaviour?


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  • I think people who go too far into games are just not healthy and can't have honesty in their life lol we expect them to a limited extent, but some people do go too far.

    • if one knows that it annoys the other person, why would one do this... it's ok to some degree.

    • I think that it has to do with wanting, perhaps, at some level, to emotionally abuse the other party. Sometimes I've played small games just to see where the other person was at, but I wouldn't bother with anyone taking it too far. I think sometimes people who do this just can't be vulnerable at all and want control. That's not love.

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  • Nope we don't need them, why do people act that way? Because either the girl is misinterpreting it as a game when it's something else completely, or they are playing games to get something they want.

    • I agree with you. don't think we need them. but I've had guys telling me I was playing games, even though I wasn't.
      How can you tell if someone is playing games? I don't think you can unless you ask the person

    • Pretty much, even then I wouldn't expect the person to tell the truth either... I tend not to worry about it, if they admit to playing games I instantly lose interest because I feel it's immature.

  • Yeah, I totally play games. It's fun. It's a way of getting to know the other person and how they think. If you have a partner who plays zero games, you end up knowing less about them. And it's boring.

    • Very interesting. I never thought about this. I just don't understand how you get to know them through games?

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    • Listen, I've enjoyed this conversation so far, but there's really no point in explaining my views if you take the easy way out and dismiss them with ad hominems. Have a nice day.

    • No, I really wanted to know what you expect to get out of it. I'm really interested in your opinion.

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