Why did he freak out when I told him my Mom wanted to meet him?

We've been dating for about three months and gone away three weekends (most recently over Easter ). My Mom casually said she wanted to meet him, and I thought that was quite the compliment. So I told him and he completely freaked out.

I definitely thought he liked me a lot before this happened yesterday. And I haven't heard from him since. Why did he freak out (over something I didn't think was a big deal)?

I feel I should clarify, I didn't tell him I wanted him to meet my parents. I just told him my Mom had casually said that she'd like to meet him. So there (should have been) no pressure or obligation oh his part. I figured he'd say, 'that's nice.'


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  • meeting a girls/boys family for the first time is scary for most people. Maybe in his mind he thinking that means you guys are in a serious and committed relationship when really he looks at your relationship as a casual relationship. He may not be ready to be committed to just one person. Maybe he had a bad past experience with meeting one of his ex girlfriends parents or maybe he felt that you should have talked to him about this before you just assumed it was a good thing to do. We can't guess what other people are thinking so just ask him why he is making a big deal out of it and see what he says. I recommend that you just listen and then maybe not respond right away because sometimes in a situation like this its easy for us to say the wrong thing. Good luck!

    • Thanks for your opinion. I asked him about it and he admitted he freaked, and then said he'd over-thought it. So he felt things were weird and has now decided that we need a few days without talking to think. Why does it feel like there's something bigger going on?

    • give him some space. let him come to you. maybe he is confused on where he wants the relationship to go. some guys are afraid to commit especially if he is around your age.

    • Thanks Sweatgirl. He's 30 (and I'm 24). I appreciate your advice.

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  • meeting the parents or possible future in-laws can be stress full for a guy since he never knows if they will approve or disapprove of him


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