Guys: Should I text him or let it go?

So I met a guy online and dated him for over a month we went on several dates and I even hung out with him and one of his friends one weekend. He used to text me literally everyday even with his busy job. That same day I met his friend he texted me the next day saying he was happy he got to see me then all of a sudden after that all contact stopped. It's very weird bc i was the last to text him and it was really sweet something like gnight and kisses. Should I text him or just let it go and assume he just lost interest?


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  • assume he can be out of money if he texted u everyday :D give it one more try. but if u`r doubting him just call him. if u`ve seen each other several times just call, this way u`ll be sure he responds to you unless he doesn`t pick up

    • I'm nervous bc he is usually good about pursuing me but I have a feeling if it's lost interest I'll just push him away further. Also when I check online he's active so clearly if he has time for the dating app then he has time to text me

    • then wait 1 day. it`s not so much. tomorrow evening call him if he doesn`t give any sign on life. though entering dating app he might be checking out other "options" since he feels insecure about you. or it could be that he thinks it won`t work between u 2, but judging from what you said it shouldn`t be the case. there`s also a possibility that he starts every conversation, you just reply so he may think u`r not so much into him :D but since u were dating for a month that shouldn`t be the case too :P just wait this day and call him if nothing changes

    • Ok ill give it one more day

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  • It doesn't hurt to try texting him. He might be testing to see how interested you are. How long has it been?
    Also, it's better to try and find out what will happen rather than be left wondering what if.

    • It's been a whole week :( I think if a guy is interested enough he won't play games like this.

    • That is a while. But I would still say it is worth a shot shooting him a text.