Girls, would you get offended if a guy date or 'choose' you because he can't get the other hotter girl?

This guy I'm dating was seeing this hot girl for few months. Then he told me how she was kinda bitchy and too flirty with other guys. So I asked him is she hot? He bluntly said omg yes she is smoking hot but too bad her attitude turned me off.She also own a car, has a Bachelor. Obviously he likes me for my personality which is good but it makes me upset because it seems like he has low self- esteem and intimidated by her.


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  • everyone shoots for the highest then slowly lower there standards to there own, it's science, but any person is an idiot to openly act like it. you have every right to be disgusted by his social retardation.


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  • Of course I'd be offended by a guy who dated me because he couldn't get someone hotter.

    That doesn't sound like what he is doing though. He ended their relationship because he didn't like her personality. He's with you because he likes you. You can assume he's attracted to you as well.

  • No. I'd just let him go. I only date guys who find me hot.