I hurt her feelings, how do I make it better?

I really like this girl and she feels the same way. She can't be in a relationship as of right now because of family reasons.I hurt this girl's feelings when I said I couldn't be her friend because I had feelings for her- wrong thing to say. She got upset, ignoring me, sent her a apology message, and she still seems like she is upset with me. Best way to apologize in person?

I was thinking of leaving a homemade card with maybe chocolate in her room or something, would that be too much lol? Thanks.

In the message- said I was willing to put my feelings aside to be friends with her, realize I miss her and the connection we had, and would rather have her as a friend than not have her at all, and so on.


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  • Jewelry. And not cheap stuff!

    • I'm a poor college student, so I don't really have the money for jewelry, haha. Any other ideas?

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    • Not sure about the walk, but I'm going to try the card idea. I gave her one I made after our date before Valentine's Day and she really loved it. Thanks so much!

    • Late, actually didn't give her a card. Said she didn't want to lead me on, and she can't honestly see me as more than a friend after I apologized to her. Which is great, I think about it now and I wasn't sexually attracted to her in that way and being friends is a huge benefit to me. She's a really nice girl, and makes me want to change myself for the better- start being more assertive, true to myself, explore my funny side, etc. so when I date girls in the future, no regrets! Thank you for the advice!

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  • Just tell her it came out wrong...give her all the chocolate girly crap, and tell her that you want her as a friend, and will wait for her when she's able to date.

  • yes a home made card with sincere words plus chocolates are good enough..
    use your sincerity to move her, but at the same time be patient enough to wait for her to cool down :)


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