Are English man really intimate or just acting over polite during dates?

I am a European girl who is doing post doc in the uk and had a British guy experience for the first time in my life. I admired his respectful and polite manners and also obscure romance during our dates. We had amazing dates for 2 months and I almost found him perfect. He was the one chasing after me, initiating all the dates. I was more careful, avoiding emotional talks, only trying to get to know him and enjoying his company. However things shifted and he told me he is scared of a commitment relationship and that is the reason he withdraws and it is not to do with me since I am already taking things slow. It's him pressuring himself. I was okay with that. Later on we continued messaging without dating for a while and then he disappeared suddenly, texting me once in two weeks. I was just polite and friendly in my messages after we had that talk and now I don't want him in my life already as I find his behaviours immature. However I wonder if this is the general case in British culture. I don't want to stereotype British guys with amazing dates and rubbish end up. That's why asking this question. Any comments regarding?


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  • Not sure if I understand your question.

    But I am half British and half dutch.

    And the British people are always more polite because it is in their culture. They say please and thank you almost always, whilst here it is a rarity.

    • Ah you are right I am not clear with my question. I know Brits are extremely polite, what I mean is, he was so enthusiastic that I thought he really is into me. However at a sudden he disappeared and then I started to think maybe he wasn't really intimate and faked with his words and manners during our dates. So maybe he was just being over polite with his affections and sweet words and did most of the good things to impress me not because he was really into me?

    • Ah, well we can only guess as to why he did what he did.
      But you will never know unless you ask him.

      I think he just didn't want to be in a committed relationship and although you were taking things slow, he saw things going in that direction and bailed.

      It sucks and I hope you feel better soon.

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