Is he ashamed? Or am I being totally ridiculous and need to chill out?

Hello :) So I'm with this guy, and we haven't labelled what we are because we just tell everyone we are together, we're unofficial. Anyways, I asked this guy to prom in the cutest way, and he said yes :D he makes me so happy, and the hilarious thing is that I used to have a huge crush on him in freshman year at high school. Anyways, this is like his first proper relationship type of thing, so he's a bit slow with these kinda things, and I don't wanna point out everything he should be doing because he's quite sensitive and emotional and shy. Anyways, my issue is that he hasn't invitited me over to meet his parents or taken me out- I've never had this issue with any other guys I've dated- is he ashamed to introduce me tohis parents? Am I not good enough? Its so silly, and his friends and my friends are telling meto chil, but I've never had this problem.

  • Should I just chill and wait for him to be cute and invite me over?
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  • Should I talk to him about it?
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  • 1. How long have you been 'together?'

    2. You said yourself that he's shy. Maybe there are certain boundaries for him that he's just not ready to cross yet, like inviting you over. Especially if you haven't been together for long.

    So yes. Chill the fuck out. lol


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What Guys Said 2

  • Yes, chill. Just enjoy what you have. He likes you if he is going to prom with you.

  • You should chill and wait for him to be cute and invite you over.


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  • i picked b, but i feel like you should talk to him about it.
    if he has never really been in a relationship before then he probably doesn't know that.
    and there might be other reasons as to why he hasn't invited you over,
    like maybe he's ashamed of his parents or of his house?
    those are also possibilities.
    but either way, you should just chill.
    im sure it has nothing to do with you.
    so just take a breath, relax, and ask him about it.
    but dont be pushy about it,
    ya know?

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