Will this guy ask me out on a third date? Please help!

So I'm not sure what is going on with this guy. I met him a couple of years ago, but back then he was more of an acquaintance than a friend. Then a month ago we started taking a class together. We started talking in class, but it didn't even cross my mind that he could be interested in me. He's a really hot guy, so I assumed that he was taken. Anyway, we started talking, just friendly banter. Then one day he tells me to let him know when my coworkers are throwing a happy hour, so he can come. Since he does't know any of my coworkers, it struck me that he was hitting on me. He really had no business showing up at my work because it's fairly far away from where he is. Anyway, I let him know when I was going to be there. He came, and we chatted and laughed. We got along great, and he asked for my number. He then invited me out for drinks over the weekend. That was our first date, and it went really well. A couple of days later, I texted him to ask him out for a movie. He set the day and time, and it was great again. He paid both times. That was last week. Since then I've texted him twice (flirty how are you texts), and both times he responded rapidly and engaged me in conversation. He would send really supportive, cute messages. However, he only sent that after I contacted him. He never texted me himself. He also hasn't asked me out again. He also seems really shy (takes a while to warm up, but in the end he does warm up to me every time). Anyway, it's been a week since our last date, and he hasn't asked me out yet. Was he just being polite in replying to my messages? I get that some guys are polite, but why would he ask me about how my week is going and answer to texts so quickly if he was not interested? He has sort of mentioned that he has something work related on his mind, but it seems to be in the future and nothing immediately problematic. I really like him, but I don't want to ask him out again (had prior bad experiences). What are my chances with this guy now?

I forgot to add that he's very selective with whom he dates. Rarely dates anyone.


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  • You have good chances. Just as good as anybody. But the only way you will know is if you ask him or put yourself out there in some way. I know you don't want to get hurt again (after prior bad experiences), but mind-reading leaves a large margin for error and flawed communication. Ask him about how he feels or whether or not he wants to pursue a romantic relationship.


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