What are some major hints a guy DOESN'T like a girl?

-how do you treat a girl you dont have any feelings for but you're still cool with her?
-how do you act around her and what would be the one thing that could make u suddenly like her?


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  • There are three ways of platonically interacting with a girl (that I do, there are probably more elsewhere). In the first two, the girl is just not physically attractive enough to hold your attention. Number 1: She's unattractive and you ignore her for it. (Not sure proud of this one.) Number 2: She's unattractive, but she's really cool and fun, so you guys are bros. And 3: She's attractive, and so incredibly so that you don't have even the slightest chance with her, so you're not even nervous around her because you don't want to hit on her, and you guys are bros. (This is the best relationship.)

    If you're number 1, then your only chance is puberty or going through model training. I apologize. I am shallow. Plenty of other guys are shallow too. Trying to stay honest.

    If you're number 2, then maybe touch up your appearance some, but if you keep being cool and fun, then people will like you anyway. This wouldn't be sudden though. This is a falling in love story.

    And if you're number 3, you just ask.

    • lol thanks for clarifying! yea I've definitely not been a #1 thank God. But I definitely fall in #2 category. you're right im going to be fun, friendly and talkative! as for appearance i guess i gotta get my sexy on! haha

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  • Let's see, to answer the first part I take a professional attitude. Professional's are not interested in people personally, but they will look at pieces of information relevant to the interaction. That relevancy is limited to pedestrian subjects, so for example I don't want to know her color of underwear -- that is not a subject of general conversation. Professionalism DOES include politeness and courteous behavior however, and she would be extended that with a smile.

    What could be the one thing that could suddenly make me like her?

    I'm too old and too married for that, lol.
    If I rewind the clock to my single days, I would say she had to be "interesting." I always had a thing for interesting girls.

    • how does a girl interest a guy? how can i be interesting?

    • Well to be interesting I think you need a personal flavor. By personal flavor, I mean something that has not been defined by your peers or nationality -- those things are just given to you. It has to be self-invented or unique, or different than what everyone else is doing around you. If all your friends are into rock, maybe dare to try blues.

      I guess what I am getting at is someone who has their own personality and isn't afraid to define themself by it, basically be who they are. If for example you have a strange laugh and are teased for it and made the decision not to give in and just kept the strange laugh because that was who you are, that makes you interesting.

      If you watch all the popular TV shows, talk about all the popular topics the same popular way, then I think that person is not interesting.

  • He still hangs out with you but isn't as close as before.


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