First date is one of the hardest parts of a relationship?

I just read this sentence "getting a first date is one of the hardest parts of a relationship".

Is that really true?
Is it true that getting together for that first date is a big step for most people? I thought it's just me.

coz there's this girl from my old job, and we have said we would go for a drink for a long time, but then I don't want to appear too desperate so I haven't properly asked her or arrange a date yet , and she has mentioned several times to get together for drinks but never actually asked for it either.

I thought it's just me being a wuss, but is it actually true that committing to going on a first date is actually a big and difficult part of relationships?


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  • For me it is the most fun part in a relationship. You don't know the person, it is exciting to know each other. If relationship evolves, you can laugh about what you have done in first date. I can understand, mostly for guys it is so stressful because you want to impress the girl. Let me tell you, you can impress a girl if you are yourself, be simple and kind. That's all.


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  • I've never really been on a date (oh lordie lol) but i would assume it would be? i mean not only just the getting together part, but mostly like this is where you decide if there is even something there or not. this could either be the begininng of something or the en of nothing! i think you should definatley ask her out for drinks though. seems a long time comiong!

  • not really. go out with her and be the coolest guy ever.
    ps: don't forget to be a gentleman to :)


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