What should I say to his message?

He's been ignoring me lately and playing games. He messages me last night asking what my plans were (we don't live close enough for a hookup or anything) but it was like, I know he was just bored. Like he whipped me out of his pocket. He's been ignoring me lately and so this just seems out of the blue.

I didn't get it until this morning as I hadn't looked at my phone before falling asleep.

What do I say to this? I don't really feel like saying what I was up to (nothing) and don't want to seem like I was playing games back though.

What should I say?

I feel weird ignoring him, anyone with ideas of what I should say?


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  • Don't reply, just ignore his text. He's playing games like you said. Do you really want that in your life?

    • You're right I just answered him and now I'm ignored again lol. It almost doesn't bother me this time but still, it's annoying. I should have left it! I'd like to be friends with him but he's making it kind of hard, you know?