Should I text him again? He's not texting me anymore even though he said he enjoyed meeting me and enjoyed our first date? :S?

I have been talking to a guy online for about 6 weeks. He seemed great and seemed to like me. At about week 4 he voluntarily gave me his number and we began texting. Now and again he would call me gorgeous from my pictures and said how perfect I sounded and said he really wanted to meet me. He text me a few times a day and was really keen.

He suggested we meet up and he drove 2 and half hours to meet me.

We met up and if im honest his pictures did not do him justice, he was tall, dark and handsome everything I wanted. And he was really lovely on top of it.

Anyhow we went for a walk by the coast and literally talked for about 3 and half hours non stop. We laughed and he seemed really nice, although he never flirted once. I really couldn't tell if he liked me or not.

Then we came to part and he said it was lovely to meet you, but didn't really hint at another date. He said he would text me.

I was a little disappointed, because I wasn't sure what else I could do to make him like me.

I didn't expect to hear from him, but he text me on the way home and later on that night. I just played it aloof because I didn't want to get my hopes up. I text him the next day, he replied and then I text him again.

No reply. He hasn't text back for 2 days. I know he works long hours and is probably just busy, but I just feel a bit disappointed.

Should I presume he isn't interested and just not text him, or should I give him a text to confirm his disinterest?

I'm not so bothered about his not liking me, but I just would like to know whether or not he liked me, so i can maybe begin talking to other guys?

What should I do?

For anyone interested, I asked him outright how he felt, because he kept just sending boring texts asking me what i had been up to. Surprise surprise he said he had a good think about it and felt that we didn't click ha ha


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  • Any guys who puts the ball in your court this early is either very insecure & lazy, or not interested. None of which benefit you.


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  • I wouldn't usually suggest this, but why not just send him a friendly non committal text. Just like how's your week going or something lame if he ignores you have your answer although I am thinking he is not showing much interest

  • Honestly from reading your description he does not sound interested. Give it a week or do as misscocobutter says if you want to know for sure. :)

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