Losing interest or just over thinking?

Met this girl in her place of work, we got talking online for awhile. She came to my work one day, we talked and i met up with her for about half hour when i had finished before i had to go home and since then we've been out 3 times, cinema, night out drinking and coffee. Kissed, held hands, text everyday, the good signs basically.

So i dropped by her work today and she was finishing so we went somewhere else and sat and talked for abit but it just didn't seem as good as the other times, no holding hands at all, and a quick side kiss on the lips when i left, and recently i've been planning dates and she's said yes and then had to re arrange them, i believe her reasons (she has to babysit a lot) but i don't know if its just bad timing or she's getting sick of me and trying to pull away, she says she likes seeing me and things like that but i don't know.

I haven't dated in years, just causal stuff and i really like this girl. I'm trying to balance a casual 'absence makes the heart grow fonder not being over keen' approach with seeing her when i'm free because i really like her and want to be serious and exclusive with her.

Just need some regular daters opinions from their own experience.


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  • Try this one more time and if she can't don't bitch about it. If she can't though tell her that she should tell you were the next date should be when she has some free time for herself. She can either reply or never do so but you'll figure that out yourself. If she'll put an effort to genuinely accept your offer i really think she's not seing other guys but she can't really find time to go out with you but if she doesn't even seem interested in going out with you anymore then you get my point. Girls usually become distant for a reason and that's seriously not working. If i were her and really liked you i would straight away would wait for my work to end and meet you. It's just that simple y'know.


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  • nah she is not sick of you..she really appreciates you


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