The first couple weeks of dating?

Okay so I've been dating this girl for about a week. I asked her out a couple days before she said yes (she needed time to think about it) anyway she said yes Sunday night and told me how much she's really into me and how she gets butterflies in her stomach when ever she drives to my place and that she hasn't felt this way about a guy in awhile. I'm totally into this girl but ever since we have started officially dating she's seems disconnected, before we were dating she always texted me first, said goodnight to me even when I was well passed out...but whenever we hangout we have a awesome time. Now I always have to text her first, I have to make plans first (she used always ask what are you doing tonight before we were dating). Am I overreacting? Do girls change when dating? I'm totally into this girl and she's told me that she's really into me so I hope everything cool I just don't know why I always have to make the first move now. By the way it's our both first serious relationship in like 7 months so maybe it's because she's nervous. Last thing to let you guys or girls help me is that she doesn't text me throughout the day going back to "I always gotta make the first move" I'm pretty sure couples text pretty regularly throughout the day. Thanks girls and guys for the help


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  • I think it was easier for her to text you first because you had no clue she liked you. If i were her i'd feel insecure and vulnerable at the same time cause we were friends at the end of the day who ended up dating one another. She likes you but maybe becausw things are different now and you are both dating she feels shy or nervous about it. Maybe she wants you to look out for her first so she doesn't feel vulnerable or like a clingy girlfriend for most of the time. This is true because us girls overthink about these sort of things and she just maybe needs reassurance on this matter that you are really into her. Casual friendly conversation doesn't help either if that's what you do. Try being more spontaneous like "i missed you. Do you wanna go for a walk?" or something along those lines. Also make sure how much you really are into her and ask her about this but not like you are about to attack her and maybe end this in an argument . Try to be more sweet if you're going to ask her. Say something like "you're really busy lately" to indicate it or ask her directly if she doesn't feel connected to you and that's why the sudden texting pattern changed. Mind you; you both have to try to make this work cause if one's taking and not giving back then that's not a relationship.


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