This girl got embarrassed in front of me when her friend made this joke... could she be interested?

There's this girl who I busted checking me out like 25 times when we first met, later my friend caught her looking at me across the room constantly - I wasn't interested but have grown more interested since then... the other day we were sitting and I was sitting next to her... her friend made a joke about a ring she was wearing and asked her if it was an engagement ring... the girl got flustered/embarrassed and ended up taking off the ring and putting it in her bag. I can't imagine her doing that if I wasn't there. Also, when I text her, she asks lots of questions and puts lots of smilies.

Is this a good sign she's interested?


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  • Duh, she likes you. Encourage it if you like her. Good luck, bro. Take her to PromComing.


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