Last girl said she'll let me know when to hangout.?

Told her we should hangout or go eat something like that, she said she would let me know when she was available but only as friends.

I'm pretty funny, but was hard to even "win" her phone number.

Honestly if your grown woman on a dating site and can't own up to something even simple being called a date.

I was messaging her but I got sick for few days now I'm just completely turned off.

Why do woman feel they are so entitled, If I'm the entertainment I can surely just entertain myself?


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  • She was trying to be nice.


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  • I had the same issue with this girl on POF.. I kept throwing out hints.. so I figured she would want my number so I can figure out who I was talking with.. mind you she is 24 so.. maybe not that smart and mature yet..

    Anyways gave her the number and that was the last time we talked on POF.. at least I weeded out her instead of wasting my time!

    Whenever I would ask to meet up it was always a maybe or that would be nice.. I got fed up waiting for a response and wasting my time.