Ladies, how can I stop her from wanting to post a picture of us on Instagram, fb etc?

I´ve gone out with this girl from my uni twice now and we´re now hanging out constantly between classes.

It feels like we´ll be boyfriend / girlfriend soon.

She always wants me to take a selfie with her and post it online.

Now I don´t really like that idea since you quite often see the girls rating a new boyfriend on Facebook and I´m not sure if I´m good looking enough for them, cause my girl is very good looking and so are her girlfriends.

What can I tell her? The truth?

I´m just afraid I´ll get bashed by her friends and it´ll change her opinion of me.


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  • Has she done anything to make you feel like she doesn't find you attractive? I doubt that she would want to post a picture of the two of you together if she didn't find you attractive and want to show you off to her friends. If you are nervous, you can talk to her about it. Chances are, her friends have already seen your FB if you have one and formed their opinions. So don't sweat it, be happy she wants to show you off.


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