Guys, why is my friend playing text games with me?

I know his pattern by now and I really don't understand why it's happening at all with me. We are FRIENDS. He told me once that he had feelings for me but isn't ready to date... We live too far away anyway.

We have been in DAILY text contact for about 10 months now. There's been a few times I've been MIA for a day or two but I always explain myself (mental health days). And the last time, I gave him a heads up that I'd have my phone off for the weekend. That is when it all went downhill.

He started letting my messages go for a couple days right after at first, and now he's doing the leaving it unread for hours up to a day, then reading it and not responding until forever after, or just generally taking forever.

I know he is glued to his phone.
I know he texts all his friends and he is actually the type of guy to text.

I show enthusiasm to talk to him, tell him I miss him and wish we could FaceTime or get together again soon etc. I even sent him a pic of me in a cute outfit (yes, an attempt to remind him of me! And nothing flirty about my pose or anything, like it was tasteful- I don't send pics that aren't.) Nothing! I haven't even seen his face in forever now.

Last night I didn't see his message asking what I was up to. Today I told him I'd been out and asked him how his night went. Zero response. It's night time now!

What is going on, what can I do to remedy this, or is it just games forever from now on? I even tried leaving his messages as suggested by others, but I feel bad doing that. It hasn't helped anyway.

I'd also like to know if he simply lost interest, and in that case, was he ever a friend? I don't want to create a bias by saying this, though.
Any thoughts? Thank you


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  • He's in contact with another chick. He was not your friend. His motive was to get in your pants, he didn't therefore he lost interest.

    • I started to wonder this :-(